Karen Dyekjær deals primarily with EU law, competition law, life science, IP law and litigation and is recognised as one of the leading experts in Denmark within each of these fields.

Karen has a wealth of experience in assisting clients in relation to authorities and also has a wealth of litigation and arbitration experience, including in proceedings before the Supreme Court, other Danish courts and the European Court of Justice and arbitration tribunals, often in proceedings relating to complex or fundamental issues within her primary practice areas.

She conducted the AMBI-tax case of general public importance before the European Court of Justice and has, in addition, conducted a number of competition cases, IP cases and regulatory cases, often with the other party being represented by the Legal Adviser to the Danish Government. Her cases before the Supreme Court include the constitution cases concerning the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties.

Karen Dyekjær has assisted a vast number of leading Danish and foreign enterprises, advising them on all aspects of IP law, pharmaceutical and food law and competition law, including antitrust law, mergers and state aid.

Karen has held a number of other public and private positions of trust (most recently as a member of a committee to amend the Danish Competition Act) and is used by the media as an expert on EU law, IP law, competition law and pharmaceutical-industry regulation.

She has lectured and been a visiting lecturer at a number of universities, courses and conferences, most recently as a lecturer in Life science at the University of Southern Denmark, and she acted as an external examiner for several years at the Faculty of Law, the University of Copenhagen, and the Copenhagen Business School.

Karen Dyekjær is trained as a WIPO mediator and has also acted as an arbitrator.