Ed McAndrew is a counselor, investigator and trial lawyer who focuses on cybersecurity, privacy and technology matters. 

Ed is a former federal cybercrime prosecutor who helps clients manage cyber-risk, comply with legal requirements and industry standards, prepare for and respond to cyber incidents and handle related investigations and litigation. Major substantive areas of his practice include cybersecurity, digital privacy, social media, online speech, commercial, employment, intellectual property, corporate governance, regulatory and criminal matters. He also advises on cyber-based national security issues, as well as governmental demands for data and assistance in investigations. He focuses his pro bono work on assisting individual and nonprofit victims of cybercrimes.

Ed served for nearly a decade in the US Department of Justice, in Washington, DC and in the US Attorney's Offices for the Eastern District of Virginia and for the District of Delaware. As a Cybercrime Coordinator and National Security Cyber Specialist, Ed handled a multitude of high-profile, complex and sensitive investigations, trials and appeals − many involving cutting-edge legal and technological issues.

Ed serves by appointment as co-chair of the Delaware Supreme Court's Commission on Law and Technology, which has developed leading practices and educational programs relating to cybersecurity and digital privacy for lawyers and legal services organizations.
He is an avid  commentator, presenter and author on legal issues related to cybersecurity, digital privacy, cybercrime, computer forensics and Internet safety.