René Offersen is recognised as a leading individual within dispute resolution, including for his long-standing experience before the Danish Supreme Court and as an arbitrator.

In particular, René is skilled and experienced in handling financially and factually complicated lawsuits on contractual breach, management liability, auditor’s liability, prospectus liability and avoidance and he also conducts lawsuits on public law and corporate regulation, including sector-specific competition rules. Furthermore, his competence extends to white-collar crime.

René is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (Paris) and is affiliated with the LCIA (London) and VCCA (Lithuania). His arbitration experience spans the Danish Institute of Arbitration, the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board, ad hoc arbitration tribunals, the ICC, the SCC (Stockholm) and the FAI (Helsinki).

Since 1993, he has provided advice on the procurement rules and has conducted a large number of proceedings involving these rules before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement as well as the Danish courts. He has authored books and academic articles on the procurement rules. Within the fields of IT and telecom, he also has in-depth specialist knowledge on complex contractual relationships, accumulated from eg advising on structured processes, failed IT projects and dispute resolution.

René has acted in a number of high-profile lawsuits of societal significance. He has authored critically acclaimed politico-legal debate books on the so-called Brixtofte case (a white-collar criminal case against a former Danish mayor and minister) and the so-called Cold War case (a supreme-court libel action). Generally, René is keen to engage in the debate on politics and the law through articles and as a speaker.