Our Global Equity Compensation practice is highly qualified to work with multinational companies on all aspects of international or cross-border equity compensation and employment issues.

We have worked with more than 100 multinational companies in the design, management, implementation and maintenance of global equity compensation programs.

Offering global equity compensation programs across borders can be an intricate process filled with obstacles. Failure to overcome these obstacles can mean employee dissatisfaction, negative publicity for the company, costly fines, unnecessary tax liabilities, high administrative costs and, in some cases, criminal penalties. We have found that the key to successfully implementing a global compensation program is to assess the cultural, tax and legal landscape in each country before offering such benefits to local employees.

Our experience, extensive client base and global reach enable us to stay on top of any new developments that may affect global equity compensation programs or other aspects of international human resources and corporate strategies. We advise our clients of current best practices and keep them apprised of legal, cultural and business changes that may affect their workforces and compensation programs.

Please see our Employment page for further information on how our lawyers also assist with senior employee international mobility and compensation and benefits issues.

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