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San Juan Puerto Rico
11 May 20222 minute read

EU, UK, and US Sanctions and Export Controls – A Virtual Discussion

On May 11, 2022, we hosted a virtual discussion on the escalating sanctions and export control restrictions on Russia, Belarus, and the Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, many of which apply to Israeli companies doing business in those countries. We were privileged to host four of our colleagues - Chloe Barker (Legal Director, UK), Dave Allman (Of Counsel, Washington DC), Nate Bolin (Partner, Washington DC), and Nicholas Klein (Partner, Washington DC), who provided insight into recent developments, including the interplay between sanctions and export controls and how they are affecting many Israeli companies. We were also joined by Israeli counsel, Daniel Reisner, Public International Law Partner at Herzog, who presented the Israeli perspective on these issues. We ended the webinar with an interactive Q&A session with the attendees.