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San Juan Puerto Rico
14 December 20221 minute read

Regional Private Chef Dinner Series

In the fourth installment of our exclusive Regional Private Chef Dinner Series, we ate a delicious Greek-inspired Chanukah-themed dinner created by the talented Chef Zissie. In the spirit of Chanukah, the evening also incorporated a giving element.

We began the night by packaging holiday gifts for the children of Save a Child's Heart. SACH is an Israeli humanitarian organization that saves the lives of critically ill children suffering from heart disease in countries where access to pediatric heart care is limited or non-existent. The organization brings children to Israel for medical care, performs missions abroad, and trains medical personnel in disadvantaged countries. We had a brief presentation from SACH's Director of Resource Development, Ido Gutin, who educated us on the tremendous impact of the organization - on the sick children, on the children's families, and on entire countries.

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 israel-dinner israel-dinner