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San Juan Puerto Rico
22 February 20232 minute read

Financial Services: What next for employment

As 2023 gets underway, we invite you to start your year by joining us as we present an overview of key topics of current interest to financial services employers and discuss what next for employment in the sector.

In this one hour round-up, our panel of experts explored recent trends and analysed themes which are likely to remain relevant for financial services throughout 2023 and beyond. Although predominantly UK focused, our webinar also highlighted practices elsewhere in Europe, providing helpful insight from elsewhere on managing employees and relationships with regulators.

Topics discussed included: 
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion: the Regulator’s approach; gathering diversity data lawfully; recent trends in financial institutions in Europe.
  • SMCR trends: culture & conduct risks; non-financial misconduct; the consumer duty; regulatory references; a view from Europe.
  • Remuneration: bonus payments practices; the IFPR Remuneration Code; current regulated remuneration trends in Europe.
  • Artificial Intelligence: the approach of the FCA to this developing area.