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San Juan Puerto Rico
16 July 20232 minute read

Yeshiva University Israel Summer Internship Program Cohort Meeting

16 JULY 2023

We had the pleasure of hosting the Yeshiva University Israel Summer Internship Program Cohort in collaboration with Israeli law firm Arnon Tadmor Levy. Naomi Maryles (Managing Director of the Israel Practice at DLA Piper) and Simon Weintraub (Partner, Arnon Tadmor Levy) graciously shared their stories of moving to Israel and establishing successful professional and personal lives here. Curious to learn from their experiences, the interns asked insightful questions that inspired an interesting and educational dialogue. During the session, Naomi and Simon discussed the intricate landscape of legal and non-legal career opportunities in Israel, the distinctive facets of the Israeli work culture, and the art of navigating life within its vibrant society. Naomi and Simon left the aspiring interns with invaluable advice, empowering them to carry their newfound knowledge back to school and beyond.