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28 September 20232 minute read

Global Digital Forum

Adapting to a digital future for real world assets and content

28 September 2023

There is wide recognition that technological innovation is likely to be the major driver of economic growth over the coming decade and that countries that do not get this right could rapidly fall behind. This however needs to be balanced with appropriate legal and regulatory protections. As policy makers and regulators around the world strive to develop regulatory infrastructure for a digital future, we invite the policy makers and industry participants to discuss the various frameworks that are currently in play and look at how these will impact global businesses and capital markets.

A number of major trading areas have now set out the proposed framework for digital asset infrastructure as the world moves to faster more internationally connected trading networks for products and services. Much of the focus and media hype has been taken up with crypto tech and its related activities but a much larger and more significant change is taking place as global businesses adapt to faster, higher quality and more transparent delivery and recordation systems using digital mechanisms based on tokenisation, distributed ledger, blockchain and AI technologies.

We are pleased to bring together leading representatives from Government, regulatory bodies and international business to discuss the implications from operating in this new digital environment and how this is likely to change the way products and services are structured, traded, held and delivered in global markets and economies.