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22 November 20232 minute read

Financial Services: Next steps for diversity and inclusion

22 November 2023, 09-00 - 10:00, ONLINE

As the deadline approaches for responses to the FCA and PRA consultations on diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector, we invite you to join our webinar looking at key themes arising from the proposed regulatory framework.

In this one hour round-up, a panel of lawyers from our Employment group will analyse the new requirements and highlight how firms can prepare for some of the implementation challenges that lie ahead. Topics for particular focus will include:

  • Integrating non-financial misconduct into regulatory compliance obligations as well as management of employee discipline.
  • Collecting, analysing and reporting diversity data and the interplay with data privacy rules.
  • Devising and setting diversity targets while avoiding positive discrimination risks.

Our webinar will be of interest to anyone responsible for diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector as well as those within human resource, legal, compliance, regulatory, governance or policy making functions.

Webinar recording