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12 September 20234 minute read

Integrating leadership and well-being for the holistic in-house lawyer

Facilitator: Stephanie Haladner

12 September 2023, 9am – 10am BST

This webinar is hosted as part of WIN (What In-house lawyers Need) and has been created around the feedback of our global community of in-house lawyers. WIN addresses the commercial and personal aspects of working as an in-house lawyer regardless of your location or seniority level. Register to join WIN to ensure you receive future invitations directly to your inbox.

Why is it that despite the countless tools on offer to support our physical, emotional and mental health, many of us still struggle to apply these tools in a consistent and meaningful way? We all know that well-being isn’t sustained by periodically logging on to a meditation app (even if that app is a useful tool). As is the case with effective leadership, well-being is cultivated over time, through a consistent practice (and not through intermittent intensity).

What if well-being wasn’t something you had to “do” in addition to your job but instead was an integral part of it?

During this session we will investigate:

  • the relationship between well-being and leadership;
  • specific leadership styles and how those can impact the well-being of others;
  • how to become part of the change and create psychological safety for your team; and
  • the behaviours that will make you a powerful leader who energises and inspires others.

By the end of the session, you will be equipped with a sustainable well-being yoga mat required.


Stephanie Haladner

Stephanie Haladner

Stephanie is an independent speaker on diversity, the power of the mind and well-being. For over ten years, she has acted as a bridge between the corporate world and the personal development world, encouraging individuals to tap into their own wisdom to gain clarity and unleash potential. Stephanie is also a senior lawyer at a leading UK retail bank and previously practised in-house at various financial institutions through Axiom. Prior to her in-house career, she spent seven years in private practice as a banking lawyer at top law firms.