Digital Guide II - Impacts on Sectors

Building on the success of our 2017 Digital Guide white paper, which sold over 13,000 copies and was translated into English in 2018 for international clients, we have continued our work on analyzing the changes brought about by digital transformation.

 DLA Piper Digital Guide Sectors

The second edition of the white paper, launched In April 2019, discusses the challenges presented by digital technology today and those that will appear in the future in a variety of industries. The Digital Guide – Sectors was previewed at the DLA Piper Tech Summit 2019, organized in partnership with the Echos/Capital Finance.

Through this 140-page white paper, we present a study divided into 11 chapters, providing non-exhaustive analyses of the consequences of digital technology. The topics vary and can be as broad as the relationship between ethics and new technologies or as narrow as the regulation of digital tokens in Luxembourg or cybersecurity in French-speaking Africa. This second edition of the guide also addresses the issues digital technology raises in traditional industries such as aviation, hospitality and healthcare.

“This paper is being published in a new age, when the formerly ‘new’ technologies have matured and can achieve new, increasingly targeted objectives. With time, these new technologies have shown themselves to be capable of penetrating every market and they meet new challenges every day. While every industry is feeling digital technology's effects, the solutions are specific to each industry and must be analyzed separately. An industry-by-industry approach is therefore not only advantageous but necessary to understand the legal and economic features specific to each one,” said Isabelle Eid, Counsel and Head of Knowledge at DLA Piper, Editor and Coordinator of Digital Guides 1 and 2.

This industry-based approach is supplemented by a series of interviews with practitioners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and philosophers. The guide sheds light on the various ways – legal, managerial, ethical and social – innovation is perceived and implemented in practice, notably with the interview of Gaspard Koenig (Philosopher, writer and President of the GenerationLibre ideas laboratory), as well as on the non-negligible factors that may prevent its development.

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