DLA Piper helps women in Rwanda protect themselves from violence, harassment and trafficking

DLA Piper, through its award-winning New Perimeter affiliate, recently completed a training program at the Akilah Institute in Rwanda aimed at helping young women protect themselves from violence, harassment and human trafficking. DLA Piper attorneys from around the world worked over a three-day period with more than 1200 students and faculty in 17 different training sessions.

The training incorporated collaborative exercises and debates related to scenarios the participants might face and the issues that might arise from those situations. Participants discussed various ways of mitigating the risks of violence, harassment and human trafficking, received practical tips on how to best protect themselves, and focused on how the Akilah community could unite on these issues.

The Akilah Institute, the women's campus at Davis College, educates East Africa's female leaders to champion opportunity and sustainability to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Akilah graduates have launched careers in finance, clean energy, eco-tourism, agribusiness, conservation, technology and other industries.

"Over the past decade, the Akilah Institute has changed the lives of thousands of women in East Africa," said Anne Pachciarek, who is a partner with DLA Piper and introduced Akilah to New Perimeter. "It was so rewarding for all of us to be involved in this pioneering program, and our interactions with the students and faculty were inspirational and left everyone feeling optimistic about the future."

In addition to Pachciarek, DLA Piper participants included Victoria Richter and Crystal Doyle (both of Chicago) and Georgia Jolink (Austin). Margaret Keane (San Francisco) and several lawyers at DLA Piper’s affiliate firm, Equity Juris Chambers, were closely involved in preparation of the training materials.

Established in 2005, New Perimeter's vision is to harness the skills and talents of DLA Piper lawyers to further a more just world for all. New Perimeter provides long-term assistance in under-served regions around the world to support access to justice, social and economic development, sound legal institutions and women’s advancement. For additional information about New Perimeter's transformative work around the world, visit www.newperimeter.com.

"DLA Piper founded New Perimeter to leverage the breadth and capabilities of one of the largest law firms in the world to find solutions to problems of global importance," said Lisa Dewey, director of New Perimeter. "DLA Piper lawyers from all over the world participate in these ground-breaking projects because of the firm’s commitment and courage to make a difference in the world."