Marine Gicquel has been practicing French employment law since 1997, advising and representing France local and international clients in a wide range of services and industries before all types of jurisdictions (civil, labor, criminal and administrative courts), handling in particular the employment aspects of complex restructuring operations and related litigations.

She has also a specific experience and has built a strong reputation in handling restructuring plans / collective dismissal (including preparation and negotiation of social plans, monitoring negotiations with employee and union representatives and with governmental labor authorities) and resolution of related individual and/or collective disputes before all jurisdictions and advising clients in a pragmatic way on optimizing their organization post downsizing, as well as on working time issues and negotiations

Her experience also includes preparation and negotiation of employment agreements including confidentiality and non-compete undertakings, the structuring of executive compensation packages, the severance of individual employment contracts, the structuring of settlement proposals and their agreements, and the resolution of related disputes.

She has developed specific expertise in the media, IT and pharmaceutical and life science sectors and has been trusted by faithful key players in those sectors for more than 15 years.