Jerome Pentecoste has extensive experience in privately financed public projects, public business law, regulatory and administrative litigation.

For over 29 years, Jerome has advised industrials, banks, public entities within the context of major contracts (PPP, concessions, long-term leases, public domain titles, complex public procurement, financial and operating leases). He regularly works on feasibility studies and fulfillment difficulties (addenda, penalties, agreement protocols) or premature termination notably in the context of expert assessment or litigation.

He has a proven track record in transport infrastructures, energy, telecoms, waste and water sectors as well as social infrastructures (health, education, sport, culture) and national defence and security or justice.

Moreover, Jerome Pentecoste has developed acknowledged expertise in regulatory law (in sectors such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, audiovisual…). He assists his clients vis-à-vis regulatory authorities and various inspection bodies (Cour des Comptes, CDBF) or disciplinary jurisdictions as well as at the Constitutional Council and European jurisdictions.

Infrastructure projects : New Defence Ministry/Balard Project; New Paris Court Home/TGI Project; PPP Northern section of Lyon ring road,; PPP Prisons Lot 3; Waste treatment concession in Guadeloupe, Fos-sur-Mer and Varennes-Jarcy; HeatNet concessions in metropolitan Lyon; PPP University Paris 7, PPP Cité Musicale Ile Seguin; PPP Campus Condorcet; PPP Ecole Centrale Supelec; PPP Lille Forum; PPP Îlot Perrée.

Other projects: RDIP-Air network, High speed internet network Auvergne PPP, RORO ships, SYRACUSE satellites, HeliDax helicopters, FOMEDEC military aircrafts, LeasingTramways RATP, US Lease TGV SNCF, Leasing TER/Regional Trains, Archade Hadrontherapy center in Normandy, public Domain titles at La Ciotat port.