Key issues

Our Real Estate team in France can assist you throughout the entire life cycle of investment, regardless of the nature of the business or the type of asset involved. We can assist at every stage, from financing, development, construction, structuring and management through to disposal of real estate assets or holding structures.

The market is particularly structured and complex, consisting of multiple players and constant legislative and regulatory changes. A deep understanding and a long-term view of each project is required in order to achieve specific objectives with respect to land use, urban planning and construction-related litigation, and financing as well as tax issues.

How DLA Piper can help

Whether it be in France or elsewhere in the world, our cross-functional teams advise investors, consumers, lenders, property developers, promoters, construction companies, owners, asset managers, wealth managers and tenants throughout every stage of real estate transactions:

  • Real estate transactions and investments:
    • Asset audits
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Outsourcing
    • Joint-ventures and partnerships
    • Sale and lease back
    • Sale and manage back
    • Leasing (commercial and civil leases)
    • Structuring of real estate investments (listed French real estate investment companies otherwise known as SIIC/real estate collective investment schemes open to professional investors otherwise known as OPPC)
  • Planning, development and construction:
    • Planning operations
    • Land use and management
    • Sales before completion (Vente en l'état futur d'achèvement or VEFA)
    • Real estate development (development agreements)
    • Construction agreements (Markets, GMP, PSO, prime contractor agreements, architect agreements, assistance to contracting authorities agreements, delegation agreements, agreements entered into with the French Health & Safety Bureau, sub-contracting agreements)
    • Urban planning, commercial urban planning, administrative authorizations and public domain property
    • Appraisal of applications for administrative authorizations
    • Leasing in the context of sale before completion transactions and early availability
    • Emphyteutic leases and construction leases
    • Occupancy agreements
    • Real estate litigation
  • Financing and refinancing real estate projects:
    • Financing the acquisition of assets held in isolation or in a portfolio and of existing or planned buildings
    • Property leasing agreements
    • Debt restructuring
  • Managing real estate assets:
    • Asset structure optimization
    • Rental management and real estate portfolio management
    • Property management and administration agreements and contractual arrangements
  • Creating and managing real estate funds:
    • Structuring real estate investment funds (listed French real estate investment companies otherwise known as SIIC/real estate collective investment schemes open to professional investors otherwise known as OPPCI)
    • Fund management
    • Investor participation

Our team

Our French Real Estate team is one of the largest in the market, with 20 lawyers focused on Real Estate, including four partners within the international team of 550 lawyers.

Our sector-based approach devoted to the real estate industry allows us to enlist the knowledge of other sector lawyers with crucial complementary skills where necessary, whether it be lawyers with experience in tax, finance and projects, intellectual and industrial property or litigation.

We advise major French and international organizations on the market, including institutional investors, French and foreign investment funds, domestic and international users, insurance companies, banking institutions, management companies, owners and independent or chain hotel operators, property developers, promoters, construction companies, owners and tenants as well as all types of French and international industrial companies spanning the whole spectrum of real estate-related activities. 


Sources frequently praise the team for its dedication to clients, with one interviewee also lauding the lawyers for their “experience, expertise and very good advice on complex issues.”

Chambers Europe, 2020

Provides full-service real estate advice to a diverse client base operating in different industry sectors such as retail and technology. Lawyers have expertise in planning, development and construction. Further skills in real estate transactions, as well as in the development and management of real estate funds. Acts for financial institutions on the financing and restructuring of real estate assets.

“DLA Piper has offices across Europe and they are efficient in getting in touch with their colleagues in other countries and involving them if there were law matters for different jurisdictions.”

Chambers & Partners, 2018