As a trainee at DLA Piper you will get the opportunity to delve into various legal issues within different disciplines, and put the theory you have acquired in your studies into practice. Those who have already been with us say that the learning curve is steep, the work is very comprehensive, and above all, the time spent as an intern is very useful and stimulating with regard to studies. As a trainee you will be closely monitored by a dedicated mentor, usually a lawyer with several years of experience with us. Your mentor will also ensure that you will quickly find yourself comfortable both socially and academically.

You are most welcome to attend our academic or social events whilst you are here. Except in the holiday month of July, we always have two to three trainees with us. An internship normally extends over five weeks. After each stay, we prepare an evaluation report. This report is reviewed with you and your mentor to give you feedback on your stay with us. 

Many of the trainees we hire straight from university have visited us as a trainee before. In addition, you get a complementary certificate. We accept applications for trainee positions on a rolling basis, and we inform you of your appointment in good time before you start. If you are interested in an internship with us, we would recommend that you apply after you have completed your second study unit, as you will then get the greatest benefit from your stay with us. 

Professional Support Assistants 

As a knowledge-based company, we have a clear ambition to maintain and develop a strong and updated knowledge base. To assist lawyers with knowledge management, we have Professional Support Assistants (PSAs) in several of our departments. 

Working as a PSA is comprehensive and includes: 

  • Preparation of standard documents 
  • Working with our experience archive 
  • Updating legal sources within specific disciplines 
  • Developing and systemising knowledge systems 
A PSA works closely with the department leader and knowledge management, and gives students a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge whilst studying. 

The PSA position is a 20% position - ie eight hours spread over two days a week. We understand that working should not be at the expense of your studies, and therefore are very flexible with regards to lectures and exam preparation. 

As a PSA, it is a clear advantage if you have begun your 3rd unit of study. 

Writing Places and Scholarships 

In connection with theses, each semester we offer writing space and a scholarship to a student writing about a business law topic. It involves a permanent place with us with access to a PC and other miscellaneous equipment, as well as a scholarship of kr 30 000. 

You will get professional support and guidance from one of our lawyers, and you will get access to our support services such as libraries, experience archives and other legal databases. You will also be invited to our academic and social gatherings, and you will get free access to our lunch facilities. If you wish to apply for a writing place and scholarship, you can do so by sending an application to

The application deadline is 15 April for the autumn semester and 15 October for the spring semester.