Are you attracted to a workplace with a focus on subjects, knowledge and development, whilst at the same time appreciate working in a firm with high ceilings and a good social environment?

Our employees describe their workplace as challenging and exciting. The learning curve is steep, but by having an open and inclusive work environment, our goal is that all employees feel safe and are greeted with respect, training and guidance. 

What are we looking for? 

We look for people who always add a little extra to deliver more than expected, whilst wanting to develop further both professionally and personally. We also always look for people with sold social skills that show high integrity and authenticity. For experienced applicants, naturally their knowledge and experience will be strongly considered, based on our needs. 

There are many possibilities.

We care about your personal and professional development

Our training has as its goal to develop lawyers professionally to ensure they have the necessary skills required in their role as a lawyer. 

International Training Program 

As a new trainee you will participate in one of our international training programs abroad. You will get the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues across borders. DLA Piper has an international development program for lawyers at all levels, and our lawyers regularly attend such programs abroad. 

DLA Piper School 

Our national training program, DLA Piper School, carries out a number of topical seminars. Essentially, we use internal resources as lecturers, but we also invite external professors and other academic staff when necessary. 

Development Dialogue 

DLA Piper has a well developed system for development dialogue. Two annual discussions put your personal development on the agenda, where expectations for the position and what is required in your particular role is put into focus. Based on the firms strategy, department's marketing plans and your needs, you and your personal mentor will together draw up your development plan for the coming year. It is also he/she who will assess your achievements, and provide advice and input on how you can become even better. 

Career Progression 

Competence, experience and achievements are key words in your career progression. We have no set time on how quickly you will progress to the next step. There are many ways you may choose your progression speed. 


New employees who have not participated in the professional legal course will get his covered by us. Our employees experience that they get the required number of cases needed for qualification relatively quickly. 


All new employees are assigned a mentor who will look after you and your interests during your first time with us. Your mentor ensures that you are made aware of all practical considerations, and that you can easily locate useful and relevant information. Your mentor shall be your "personal" friend until you are comfortable socially. 

Vacant Positions 

We are always looking for talented team players. Please send an open application to