Dr. Marco Arteaga advises on all aspects of occupational pensions. This comprises the design, the implementation, the ongoing maintenance and eventually the closing of company pension plans. He covers all accompanying issues in the areas of labour law, tax, social security, insurance law, regulatory life  insurance and insolvency law.

His strengths come from his longtime experience in the developing and the execution of solutions in the area of pension arrangements that support the company's entrepreneurial targets. He possesses profound experience with all existing funding vehicles in the area of occupational pensions.

He advises sellers as well as buyers during due diligences, harmonizations and negotiations that are part of M&A transactions. He places a particular focus on the legal as well as the actuarial valuation aspects that are relevant for the determination of the adequate purchase price. Moreover he conducts negotiations with works councils, trade unions and, naturally, represents clients in front of any German court on these matters.