Dr Jens Kirchner advises national and foreign companies on all aspects of collective and individual employment law. In addition, he focuses on national and cross-border restructurings, acquisitions and outsourcing measures.

He has extensive experience in negotiations with employee representatives on co-determination rights and on enforcing operational changes requiring a balance of interests and social compensation plans. Furthermore, he also has experience with complex transfers of business, codes of conducts, issues of employee data protection, and with the secondment of employees to foreign countries.

Jens advises in particular companies in the technology, metal, pharmaceutical, medical, telecommunication, aviation and automotive industries as well as in the banking and insurance sector.

Jens is editor of the book "Key Aspects of German Employment and Labour Law", second edition 2018. He is also editor of the book "Transfer of Business and Acquired Employee Rights: A Practical Guide for Europe and Across the Globe" covering 27 countries, first edition 2016.