A note of gratitude to our clients and people

Updated 10 July, 2017

As we begin a new business week, we want to thank our clients and other business partners for the extraordinary support, patience and understanding you have shown us following the unprecedented cyberattack that occurred 27 June. We are proud of the collaborative way our lawyers and staff have all come together, not to mention the support of our industry peers, which has been nothing short of inspiring. Throughout this challenging situation, our people have continued to deliver for our clients with the swiftness, professionalism and determination that is our signature as a firm.

As we have reported, we have brought our email and other tools central to client services safely back online, and are now bringing other major systems online in a secure manner as well.

At all times, protection of client data has been, and will always be, our primary concern. As we also earlier reported, as soon as we became aware of the threat, we took immediate steps to contain the situation. We continue to see no evidence that client data was taken or that there was a breach of the confidentiality of that data.

Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Roger Meltzer
Global Co-Chairman
Juan Picon
Global Co-Chairman
Simon Levine
Global Co-CEO
Cameron Jay Rains
Global Co-CEO