Artificial intelligence in the workplace - how can you prepare?


Understanding how to use AI within a business is not easy.

Artificial intelligence is impacting every sector, through process automation, machine learning, chat bots, facial recognition through to virtual reality and beyond. No workplace will be immune.

Employers are increasingly looking to AI as a priority to gain a key competitive advantage in their marketplace. But what are the compliance risks and employment consequences?

To be successful, employers not only need to take into account regional, national and sector specific guidance, but also the accelerating pace of legal obligations and regulation.

Join us for a series of four virtual briefings to help you navigate the new legal landscape and equip you and your organisation for a future of AI in the workplace. We will cover:

  • Session 1: Artificial intelligence: Where are we now and the future of work?
  • Session 2: Identifying and understanding the key current risks of artificial intelligence in the workplace
  • Session 3: What is the emerging regulatory environment for AI in the workplace?
  • Session 4: How do you prepare for the application of AI systems? – a framework for AI success in the workplace