Representative Investigation Matters

Danish has:

  • Conducted FCPA investigations for a Fortune 500 specialty materials company in China, Korea, Japan and certain other Asian countries
  • Led internal investigations for a prominent gas and energy company falsely accused of corruption by certain political interests in Latin America
  • Supported a US air cargo company in an ICC arbitration relating to the termination of its Southeast Asian agent due to corruption allegations
  • Represented a mining equipment company with respect to certain agent transactions in Nigeria and other African countries
  • Investigated a construction company's operations in India in relation to fraud, kickback, vendor padding and government bribery allegations
  • Investigated alleged improper payments and the use of unauthorized subcontractors by a Chinese distributor of a geo-mapping company
  • Conducted internal investigations for a telecommunications company in relation to government bribery and tax dispute matters in South Asia
  • Led FCPA and fraud investigations for a multimedia company in relation to a joint venture in Latin America
  • Supported an investigation/joint defense of various business partners in relation to a government privatization matter in Eastern Europe subject to scrutiny and eventual settlement by the US Department of Justice
  • Advised a US financial services company on a fraud investigation triggered by a third party that misappropriated the client's trade mark and has misrepresented to various other parties that it is an authorized representative of the client

Representative Regulatory Compliance Matters

Danish has:

  • Established a comprehensive FCPA/global anti-corruption compliance program for a multinational agribusiness company
  • Supported a major defense and aerospace company in performing hundreds of FCPA due diligence reviews on its commission sales representatives, fixed- fee consultants, resellers and supply chain vendors
  • Advised an IoT technology company on potential anti-money laundering implications associated with Chinese investors
  • Advised a South Asian sovereign government on U.S., UK, Canadian, and Australian anti-corruption concerns in relation to an arbitration dispute
  • Counseled a variety of venture capital firms on appropriate FCPA/anti-money laundering due diligence protocols applicable to foreign investors (including sovereign wealth funds) and portfolio companies
  • Guided a financial services company on FCPA, anti-money laundering, sanctions and business ethics due diligence in the context of M&A transactions
  • Advised a multinational technology and defense company on data protection policies and data transfer agreements in compliance with EU standards
  • Performed global anti-corruption risk and compliance audits and assessments for a construction company
  • Provided FCPA/anti-corruption training to employees, officers, and audit committee members of a variety of companies across multiple industries

Representative CFIUS Matters

Danish has counseled and/or successfully represented:

  • an emerging semiconductor company on voluntary disclosures, mandatory declarations and unit purchase agreements involving prospective Chinese investors, joint venture partners and licensees
  • a large Japanese conglomerate in obtaining CFIUS approval with respect to its two-stage minority investment in a US technology company
  • another Asian company on a mandatory declaration pertaining to its minority investment (consisting of non-public information rights) in a US wireless technology company
  • a variety of European, Middle East and Asian CVC and other firms (including Chinese state-affiliated entities) on structuring their funds and financing transactions in a manner to mitigate mandatory declaration or voluntary notice risk in relation to US portfolio investments
  • a number of US technology, automotive, defense and healthcare companies on the CFIUS aspects of their investment and M&A deals with foreign investors and acquirers

Representative Sanctions Matters

Danish has:

  • Advised a prominent, publicly traded defense and aerospace company on sanctions compliance, regarding several third-party vendors and representatives.Counseled a multinational semiconductor company on the implications associated with Huawei entities appearing on the US Department of Commerce’s Entity List.
  • Advised a US energy company with respect to sanctions matters impacting an EPC contract pertaining to the establishment of a methanol gas plant.
  • Guided a multi-party consortium consisting of various Japanese business conglomerates on the application of US sanctions and export controls to their chemical engineering joint venture in Venezuela.
  • Counseled a US government-affiliated financial institution on the impact a sanctioned counterparty would have on the closing conditions of a multi-million-dollar back-to-back loan guarantee.
  • Advised a US surveillance system client on sanctions compliance terms contained in a new credit facility agreement.
  • Guided a European water technology company on US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the application of restored sanctions on its projects with Iranian-state-affiliated entities.
  • Advised a prominent publicly traded pharmaceutical company on sanctions due diligence with respect to its acquisition of multinational assets of another company.
  • Counseled a prominent representation and warrant insurance underwriter with respect to evaluating sanctions and embargo due diligence conducted on the acquisition of a digital strategy and software engineering firm. 
  • Advised an M&A buy-side party with respect to Iranian, Ukrainian, Syrian, and Cuban sanctions violations committed by a target technology company.
  • Guided a prominent multinational non-profit organization with respect to enhancing its economic sanctions and anti-terrorism compliance policy.
  • Counseled a large e-platform company on sanctions compliance and list-based screenings impacting millions of daily transactions.

Representative Corporate Matters

Danish has represented:

  • A US consulting firm on technology services crucial to a high-profile, UN-supported project for a government agency in North Africa. Prepared the prime contract and related ancillary agreements and subcontracts. Advised client on proper payment transfer mechanisms and designed an effective international compliance program
  • A multinational organization that provides vocational training courses to underprivileged youth pursuant to the US State Department's Middle East Partnership Initiative and other international programs. Drafted various affiliate and joint venture agreements with NGOs, foreign academic institutions and other partners
  • Prominent global security, defense and technology companies with respect to their international sales representative and reseller agreements. Provided regulatory advice on non-US government/military tender participation, local registration and permit requirements, commission/fixed-fee restrictions, termination compensation, revolving-door rules and other related matters
  • A pharmaceutical company on various supply and distribution arrangements with counterparties in India and Italy. Negotiated principal contracts and conducted corporate/anti-corruption due diligence
  • A technology company that supports various high-profile US universities in providing online educational courses to overseas students. Counseled client on commercial/tax registration requirements, specialized educational approval regulations and procedures, student enrollment agreements, data privacy concerns, employment matters, website content rules and restrictions on the repatriation of tuition
  • Major USAID contractors on international commercial, independent contract, employment, vendor and real estate agreements. Counseled them on commercial registration options and strategies and other US and foreign regulatory compliance concerns
  • A US vehicle component company in an offshore manufacturing arrangement in China. Drafted the manufacturing and supply agreement with a Chinese counterparty. Also, negotiated a cross-border licensing agreement with another Chinese company that owned a registered trademark similar to the client's mark
  • A US industrial component manufacturer that in three separate transactions acquired all of the stock of various Korean subcontractors. The Korean companies specialized in supplying parts to major vehicle manufacturers. Prepared stock purchase agreements, led negotiations, conducted corporate and anti-corruption due diligence and supervised Korean counsel on local regulatory and compliance matters
  • A private equity investment firm in its US$50 million acquisition of the US and Asian subsidiaries of a leading manufacturer and marketer of healthcare and fitness products. The acquisition was financed through a senior credit facility, subordinated notes and an equity investment
  • A public company in the retail optical industry in the US$700 million acquisition of an international competitor. Assessed corporate organizational structures and business and employment practices to ensure US and foreign antitrust clearance
  • A real estate investment trust (REIT), which had already undergone a US$600 million initial public offering, on the private offering of its shares to institutional investors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Advised on foreign securities registration, qualification and notice requirements. Supported the REIT's underwriter on developing offering terms to qualify for European securities registration exemptions. Principal drafter of international offering memoranda and related Blue Sky materials
  • A major stock rating firm in connection with its company-wide award of stock options to its foreign employees and outside directors. Drafted data privacy consents, cross-border data transfer agreements, cost sharing contracts, stock option notices and a stock option agreement. Counseled client on local exchange controls, foreign accounting rules, severance and labor union issues, governmental registration and other filing materials
  • A prominent US export-import lender providing an export financing credit of US$36 million to a Brazilian electricity company. Drafted the central credit agreement, reimbursement request forms, credit approval letters, promissory notes, guarantees and other project-related documents