Morgan McDonald is a business lawyer, practising corporate and commercial law with startup and growth ‎companies. Morgan’s practice is focused on assisting founders, startup and growth companies in the technology ‎sector, including software, gaming, ecommerce and related technology facing businesses and emerging markets ‎including artificial intelligence, cloud computing and privacy.

Morgan has also been heavily involved in assisting ‎clients in the emerging cannabis sector since inception and has helped companies navigate new regulation and rapid ‎growth in the space. Regardless of the industry, Morgan provides value to new and repeat entrepreneurs using a ‎business centric and practical approach to solving business and legal needs from incorporation through exit. ‎

Morgan assists clients at early stages with long and short term planning in company formation and shareholder and ‎founder agreements. As they grow, she assists clients with IP creation, commercialization, and management, go-to-‎market contract drafting and negotiation including development, licencing and subscription agreements, ‎employment and contractor agreements and compensation plans, and ongoing contract review. As needs arise, ‎Morgan assists companies and investors with debt and equity financing from friends and family and seed through ‎series rounds and private equity and venture capital opportunities by negotiating and managing transactions from ‎term sheet through close. ‎

Morgan is active in the startup community, partnering as a mentor with a number of accelerators and incubators ‎and speaking regularly to entrepreneurs and providing office hours.‎

Prior to earning her LL.M. from the University of British Columbia, Morgan externed at the United States ‎District Court for the Central District of California and was called to the California State Bar. ‎