Zoltán Fabók is a specialist in cross-border and domestic insolvency law, complex international and domestic litigation and arbitration.

He focuses on advising companies in turnaround period as well as in insolvency related avoidance actions and in liability proceedings. He has been advising both creditors and debtors in insolvency and insolvency-related proceedings, guiding investors in relation to transactions in the shadow of insolvency.

He has been involved in several high-profile cross-border insolvency, litigation and arbitration cases, and has been drafting in-depth memorandums on complex legal issues related all the above areas.

The scope and range of cases he has dealt with are domestic, European and international cases. Specifically, the advisory capacity offered is in such complex cases that lie beyond the scope of local jurisdictions, typically involving the detailed coordination, understanding and sensitivity to competing cross-border legal frameworks.

His track record includes advising the Hungarian Government both on the reform of the Hungarian Bankruptcy Code and the implementation of the Restructuring Directive.

Zoltán Fabók is a visiting lecturer of ELTE University lecturing on property law, law of obligations and insolvency law. He has published extensively on issues related to domestic or cross-border insolvency.