Risk and compliance

Our team works with clients to ensure they are aware of developments in the law, their regulatory environment and the powers of the regulators. We have a proven track record of developing compliance programs tailored to industry and company needs. These are designed to inform, instruct and embed in all employees the complexities of governing laws, particular compliance vulnerabilities and the value of ethical behaviour.

Internal and regulatory investigations

Our team handles all types of regulatory investigations including those involving tax and accounting irregularities, financial misconduct, fraud, bribery, corruption, cartels and price fixing as well as independent internal company investigations and referrals from audit committees.

We are one of the few international law firms with a dedicated and substantial global team that is capable of dealing with the powers that underline regulatory investigations and enforcement in today’s increasingly harsh regulatory environment. Our team comprises specialist investigators, experienced criminal defence lawyers and former regulators.

We also regularly undertake internal investigations advising on the appropriate scope and identifying any systemic weaknesses and potential remedial actions. We assist clients with self-notification issues, responses to supervisory enquiries and investigations by the enforcement division of regulatory bodies, appearing before the various regulatory Tribunals, Committees and Panels when action is taken.

Our approach to managing investigations allows us to provide clients with an efficient and cost effective service without failing to understand your legal obligations and manage the sensitive risk issues that are involved. We understand that the first 48 hours are key and are able to act swiftly taking into account local and cross-border issues.

Our approach to investigations includes being acutely aware of and efficiently managing confidentiality, data management and control, collaborative working effective reporting and communication, cost containment and reputation management.

Prosecution and enforcement

Investigations by a regulator can lead to prosecution or other enforcement action. We defend companies and individuals offering legal advice and representation at all stages of proceedings including court appearances.

Crisis management

We have extensive experience in defending raids conducted by many different regulators and investigating authorities. Many of our staff who have worked for the various regulators and investigating authorities have practical experience of various raid situations. The team has been involved in raids by the European Commission, Office of Fair Trading, Serious Fraud Office and HM Revenue & Customs.

Our 'Rapid Response' global crisis management hotline service provides 24-hour, 365-day access to regulatory legal advice and crisis assistance.


We are able to provide training on various subject areas to help mitigate your risk including on fraud, anti-bribery and corruption (FCPA / UK Bribery Act / EMEA Anti-Corruption legislation), raids, and director's risk. One of our tools is the award winning 'At What Cost' film.