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28 November 20113 minute read

Global Equity Desk Reference

Our Global Equity Desk Reference Guides are designed to help multinational companies implement their equity compensation programs.

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Stock Options:

Employee Stock Purchase Rights:

Restricted Stock and RSUs:

Data Privacy:

Multinational companies with substantial workforces around the world turn to DLA Piper for advice on legal issues vital to doing business overseas. With significant experience in the international equity compensation, executive compensation, and employment arenas, our lawyers represent numerous clients with their cross-border programs by advising on tax, securities, foreign exchange, labor, communications, data privacy, and e-commerce issues.
We design, offer, and implement programs by taking into account the countries in which our clients will offer stock option, stock purchase, restricted stock, phantom stock, stock appreciation right, cash bonus, venture capital, and directed share plans to their employees, directors and consultants. We also counsel clients on US and cross-border issues arising in mergers and acquisitions.

Call on us if you have any questions about these guides or when you are developing a comprehensive strategy to offer global equity compensation programs.

NOTE: It is important that you do not consider these Desk Reference Guides to be legal advice and do not rely solely on the information provided when implementing plans abroad.