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21 January 20222 minute read

Creation of the “commitment to sustainable employment” measure

Ordinance no. 38/2022, of 17 January was published, creating and regulating the Compromisso Emprego Sustentável (Commitment to Sustainable Employment) measure, which consists of an incentive to hire unemployed persons registered with IEFP, for an indefinite period of time:

  • Main requirements for the granting of the support (among others)
    • Conclusion of an employment contract for an indefinite period of time, with an unemployed person registered with IEFP.
    • Net job creation and maintenance of the employment level reached through the support, for a minimum period of 24 months, counted from the beginning of the supported contract.
  • Financial Support for Hiring
    • Corresponding to 12x the value of the IAS (currently, EUR5,318.40);
    • The value of the financial support may be increased in some situations, cumulatively, up to a maximum of three.
    • In case of a part-time employment contract, the financial support is proportionally reduced.
  • Financial Support for the payment of SS contributions
    • 50% of the value of the employer's contribution to SS regarding the contracts supported, during the first year of its duration.