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17 January 20242 minute read

Global Film Incentives Guide

Film and television productions often head to international locations if the storyline demands a certain geographical or architectural surrounding. It’s a huge additional benefit if that jurisdiction offers financial support for film productions. There’s never enough money for film and television productions. And even if there is, reshoots or the need for better equipment or better VFX services can send costs spiralling and blow the budget. As a solution, productions tend to move to locations that provide financial support for international film and television productions.

Several jurisdictions around the world offer financial support schemes. Article 54 of the EU’s General Block Exemption Regulation provides exemption from state aid notifications. And it sets the limit of state aid intensity from multiple jurisdictions at 60% of the eligible costs. This makes it legally possible for productions to use multiple incentives in different jurisdictions for the same project.

For each jurisdiction, the guide covers:

  • Types of available schemes
  • Scope of available schemes in terms of subject matter and territory
  • Restrictions for foreign companies
  • Minimum investment
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time frame to receive the incentive

We’ve used a unified approach, describing the financial support models based on seven basic aspects, making it easier to compare the models. The guide will give you an introductory picture of the scale of financial support available.

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