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Coast to Coast with DLA Piper Employment is a digital video series that discusses current employment trends, events, and hot topics that impact employers with operations in the US.

DOL's Ruling on Independent Contractor Classification and Considerations for Employers

This episode addresses considerations for employers as it relates to the Department of Labor’s ruling on independent contractor classification.

The Evolving Noncompete Landscape

This episode will discuss the evolution of the noncompete landscape and considerations for which employers should be aware.

Mental Health in the Workplace

This episode will address three key considerations for employers as it relates to navigating mental health issues in the workplace. In addition, check out our complimentary guide, “Mental health matters: Key issues for US employers” that addresses actions employers may take to positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, reduce compliance risk, and enable employees living with mental health conditions to thrive at work. 

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