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11 March 20221 minute read

Global Sanctions Alert - Italy

On 7 March 2022, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs National Authority, UAMA, issued Note no. 6830 on its website. UAMA is responsible for issuing licenses/authorizations for the export of dual use items and goods identified as subject to EU restrictive measures, or for the provision of technical and financial assistance connected with such identified items and goods.

In the Note, UAMA announced the immediate suspension of all licenses/authorizations issued for operations in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 221/2017. This Decree is the relevant Italian legislation providing for dual use items and other listed goods.

This suspension will remain in force for the month ahead.

The Note also clarifies that, depending on future circumstances, the licenses/authorizations might be, at any time, restored or revoked.

Any Italian businesses dealing with Russian or Belarusian individuals or entities must comply with the requirements of the Note.