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30 November 20233 minute read

Overview of the Federal Tax Authority’s latest guidance on Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Tax Guide for Non-Resident Persons

Released on October 18, 2023, this guide focuses on the tax implications for non-resident entities operating in the UAE. It clarifies the criteria for determining non-resident persons subject to Corporate Income Tax (CIT), instances requiring registration for CIT purposes, and how taxable income is calculated for non-residents.


Dividends and Participation Exemption Guide 

Issued on 16 October 2023, this guide discusses the Participation Exemption regime under the new CIT regime. It aims to provide clarity on various aspects of this regime, including what constitutes exempt income, and offers useful clarifications for taxpayers.


Transfer Pricing Guide 

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) issued the Transfer Pricing Guide on 23 October 2023. This guide provides insights and practical guidance on the Transfer Pricing rules and regulations as per the UAE CT Law. It aims to simplify the Transfer Pricing regulations for taxpayers and includes comprehensive information on this aspect of tax law.


Guide on Interaction of Accounting Standards with Corporate Tax 

On 6 November 2023, the FTA issued a guide focusing on how accounting standards interact with corporate tax. This guide provides a general overview of relevant issues, although it is not legally binding.


Guide on the Taxation of Foreign Source Income 

Published on 17 November 2023, this guide offers comprehensive details on the taxation of foreign source income under the UAE CIT regime. It includes information on the definition and examples of foreign source income, the categories of taxable persons, and the timing of taxation for such income.


Guide on Taxation of Natural Persons 

Released on 26 November 2023, the FTA’s guide on the Taxation of Natural Persons under the CIT Law offers comprehensive guidance on how the new CIT regime applies to natural persons. This guide is integral for understanding the tax obligations of individuals conducting business in the UAE. It is especially useful in light of determining the scope of income categories that are exempt from CIT, such as wages, personal investment income, and real estate investment income.



The UAE’s Federal Tax Authority has released several Corporate Income Tax guides in late 2023 providing useful guidance to taxpayers navigating the complexities of the new tax regime.

The guides cover a range of topics from the tax implications for non-resident entities to the nuances of transfer pricing rules and offer clarity and practical insights for businesses and individuals operating in the UAE.

The Participation Exemption Guide and the guide on Interaction of Accounting Standards with Corporate Tax provide valuable clarifications on specific aspects of the tax law, ensuring taxpayers can confidently align their practices with legal requirements.

Moreover, the guides on the Taxation of Foreign Source Income and Natural Persons play a pivotal role in delineating the tax obligations for various income categories and taxpayer types.

Overall, these publications represent the UAE’s commitment to a transparent, well-regulated, and modern tax environment, accommodating the diverse needs of its economic landscape and aligning with international standards.

Businesses and individuals are advised to leverage these guides as they adapt to the new tax regime, ensuring compliance and optimizing their fiscal strategies under the new Corporate Income Tax regime.