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Dictionary of Insolvency Terms in EU Member States

Dictionary of Insolvency Terms in EU Member States

Restructuring, Insolvency and Secured-Creditor Enforcement Proceedings

We have leveraged our exceptional global network to compile a comprehensive dictionary of insolvency terms. This invaluable resource provides a concise overview of all corporate, personal, and partnership insolvency proceedings for each EU member state. Each proceeding is briefly described, including key features such as who oversees the process and whether a moratorium is likely to be implemented to prevent enforcement.

While there has been progress towards a harmonized approach to financial distress across Europe, the restructuring and insolvency procedures and their associated terminology remain highly diverse. Our hope is that this dictionary will prove useful to anyone dealing with financially distressed entities in the EU, enabling a better understanding of the available procedures in each member state.

Specifically, prospective buyers of distressed debt, insolvency practitioners, investors, lenders, and credit controllers will find this an invaluable resource. We will regularly update the content to reflect evolving legislation in our market and, eventually, aim to make it a global dictionary.

If you wish to benefit from our knowledge, experience, and resources on a national and international level, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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