New Perimeter

New Perimeter, our global pro bono initiative

New Perimeter, the non-profit organization established by DLA Piper in 2005, provides pro bono legal assistance in underserved regions around the world to support access to justice, social and economic development and sound legal institutions. It is at the forefront of providing direct assistance to academic institutions on projects designed to strengthen a country’s legal system and improve the skills of its lawyers and law students.

New Perimeter’s work is more critical now than ever as we advocate for the most vulnerable populations that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this unprecedented crisis, New Perimeter has taken on a number of projects related to COVID-19, remote model. For example, we have worked with the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security to draft an analysis for UN Women on how COVID-19 is impacting women’s access to justice around the world. Other projects we are actively working on include:

  • Researching the pandemic’s impact on food insecurity globally
  • Investigating how governments and service providers are responding to the spike in domestic violence that has accompanied the COVID-19 crisis
  • Creating a report for legal service providers around the world on how to leverage technologies to conduct their work remotely during the pandemic
  • Providing online trainings in the Caribbean, Zambia, The Gambia and South Africa, and exploring how to provide capacity building sessions online in additional locations

As the pandemic continues to affect those in need, New Perimeter will continue to provide legal assistance and promote access to justice to further a more just world for all.



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