Giving evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee can be a daunting experience.

Select Committee hearings are high-profile events which can attract significant media attention. Evidence sessions expose witnesses to cross-examination by MPs or Peers, which at times can be hostile. It follows that Select Committee appearances present both personal and reputational challenges. A badly handled Select Committee appearance can cost reputations, sales and even senior level jobs. Conversely, a well-prepared appearance can be a visible platform on which to improve the profile and reputation of an individual or organisation.

As Select Committees play a growing role in policy developments and public debate, anyone appearing before a Select Committee should be fully briefed and prepared, and should understand how the Committee in question operates, how to engage, and what questions to expect.

Backed up by specialist legal and sectoral knowledge, we provide a unique and comprehensive Select Committee engagement and training service, tailor-made to support those who are asked to appear before a one in every step of the process:

Our strategy ensures that:

  • you understand the political motives of the Select Committee, and of each member of the Select Committee;
  • you give your best evidence to inform the Committee and answer questions competently;
  • your organisation’s brand and reputation are not unwittingly damaged;
  • you are trained to present yourself and your evidence efficiently and confidently, even under pressure; and
  • your written evidence is effectively communicated to the Committee.

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