Antonio Longo has gained consolidated experience in the field of national and international taxation, value-added tax, inheritance and gift taxes, real estate taxation and in relation to the tax penalty system.

He assists clients, such as high-net-worth Italian and foreign individuals and families, financial intermediaries, trustees, family officers, "third sector" entities and other professionals, on complex civil and tax issues related to the management, protection and reorganization of personal and corporate assets, succession planning, trust and estate administration, transfer of residence (also in connection to the specific tax provisions applicable to the "new residents") and to the management of artistic heritage.

Furthermore, his responsibilities include assistance in national and international tax rulings, as well as in relation to the procedures for the regularization and repatriation of assets held abroad (e.g. "voluntary disclosure"). He also represents clients during pre-litigation and litigation tax matters before tax authorities and courts, and he has gained experience in the field of criminal-tax law.