Agostino Papa is a financial services and investment funds lawyer, with over 20 years' experience advising asset managers, banks, insurance companies, investment firms, payment institutions and other domestic and international regulated intermediaries in the regulatory, structuring, compliance and AML areas. 

Agostino is qualified under Italian law and enrolled to the Rome Bar, has a Ph.D. on Project Finance Economy and Techniques and serves as Head of the Italian IMF and Fin Serv group, Head of the Italian RE Sector and Coordinator of all the Sectors of the Firm in Italy, so he looks at the regulatory matters under a compliance perspective taking into account transactional, tax and structuring issues, working together closely with other colleagues in the Firm.

Agostino has a consolidated experience in assisting regulated entities with regards to the rules and regulations applicable to subjects, sectors, products and customer relations. He has a significant knowledge of European regulatory framework and transposition/implementation in Member States.
Agostino provides assistance and offers innovative solutions in the structuring and execution of transactions with investment funds and FoFs for public and private assets, in the RE, private equity and infrastructure areas. He assists both in the asset managers' side and investors' side domestic and international clients, as well as public and government owned entities in the structuring and deployment of their investment strategies.

He has specific experience in organizational and procedural requirements for financial and regulated entities.
He also assists such intermediaries and their representatives in judicial and administrative proceedings promoted by the Supervisory Authorities with regards to administrative sanctions.