Life Sciences Spotlight Asia Pacific

Issue 6, 2015

Life Sciences Spotlight


Welcome to the sixth issue of Life Sciences Spotlight. In this issue, we explore a variety of topics and recent developments that are relevant to businesses operating in the life sciences sector in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Highlights in this issue:

  • Trends and developments in cyber security and data protection – Why pharma and life sciences companies should take action
  • The Myriad of problems and opportunities continues – An update on the patentability of naturally occurring products in Australia and the US
  • IMED: Telemedicine and the law
  • Major trends give rise to competition concerns in the Australian life sciences sector
  • Getting tough on corruption - Why businesses should take a closer look at their activities in Thailand
  • International mobility and the need for upfront planning – A New Zealand perspective
  • It's obvious – The Australian High Court rules on AstraZeneca’s Crestor® patent
  • Pfizer / Hospira merger – Green light from New Zealand commerce commission to go with EU approval
  • Pharmaceutical patent term extensions in the biotechnology sector in Australia

In this issue

  • Trends and developments in cyber security and data protection: Why pharma and life sciences companies should take action
    2 DEC 2015

    Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are increasingly the target of cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage. It is perhaps the case that these organisations have seen themselves as holding relative limited amounts of personal information compared to banks, insurers, retailers, telecommunications service providers and utilities, and therefore considered that they face a lower risk of suffering 'privacy' and 'data protection' breaches.

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  • Unravelling the Helix
    2 DEC 2015

    In this edition of Life Sciences Spotlight, members in the DLA Piper Life Sciences team will assist in unravelling the legal aspects of a real-world Life Sciences dilemma. In this issue, DLA Piper’s IP specialist, Ian Jebbitt and patent specialist, Bing Li discuss implementing intellectual property enforcement strategies in China as part of a worldwide strategy to prevent counterfeit pharmaceuticals from entering global markets.

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