One Belt One Road in 2017: Continuing the Momentum


Regulatory Update


In 2013, the Chinese Government first initiated the "One Belt One Road" development strategy and framework; an initiative that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries along both the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road" which run from China through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

2013年,中国政府首次对外发布了 "一带一路" 发展战略与框架,旨在促进 "丝绸之路经济带" 和 "海上丝绸之路" 沿线国家间的交流与合作以及亚、欧、非大陆的互联互通。

At the start of 2016 we published an article providing a summary of our understanding of the One Belt One Road (shortened to OBOR) initiative and reviewing the successes to date achieved in its implementation, focusing both on those in which we participated ourselves or those we had knowledge of in the market.  We now aim for this article to provide some further insight into the current status, and future direction of, the OBOR initiative, in particular considering the many events which have occurred in the last 12 months affecting OBOR. Key recent developments have included:

2016年初我们曾发表过一篇文章,根据我们的理解,对 "一带一路" 政策的内容进行了归纳总结并且对一些阶段性实施成果进行了回顾,其中包括我们所亲自参与的和我们知道在市场上发生的。为了能及时分享我们在实际工作中积累的经验,同时通过与大家交流来提升我们对 "一带一路" 的更深入的理解,我们希望通过本文在综合分析过去一年多来对 "一带一路" 政策产生重大影响的诸多事件的基础上,分享我们对 "一带一路" 的发展现状及未来的发展方向的看法。近期焦点事件主要包括:

  • new Chinese regulations on outbound funds flow which have created some uncertainty regarding certain Chinese enterprises' ability to export investment funds;  

  • the USA's withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership, seen by some as a competing platform to the China-led OBOR initiative; and

    美国退出与中国主导的 "一带一路" 政策具有一定竞争性的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协议》;以及
  • some recent high profile Chinese investments being scuttled by host countries' investment approval procedures.

Notwithstanding the ever evolving political and regulatory landscape, having worked with clients on numerous OBOR projects, we are of the view that 2017 is likely to see the OBOR initiative maintain its upward trend and continue to gain momentum.  This is supported by recently published official data as detailed below.

尽管政治和监管环境在不断的进行调整,但根据我们与客户在多个 "一带一路" 沿线项目上的合作,我们相信 "一带一路" 项目将在2017年继续保持增长趋势且将一路攀升。我们的判断也得到了近期公布的官方数据(下文详述)的支持。

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