DLA Piper is a global, full service law firm working on a variety of matters worldwide, such as M&A, business alliances, public offering of stocks and development of compliance programs. We are involved in a wide range of cross-border deals as well as complex domestic matters, utilizing the know-how accumulated worldwide and the knowledge of lawyers familiar with local legal systems around the world. We therefore have the most suitable support system for multi-national companies and venture companies aiming at expanding into foreign markets.

Capital Markets

  • In recent years, there have been increasing opportunities to list outside Japan and list in multiple markets at the same time due to the globalization of capital markets, integration of stock exchanges and the like. We provide support for those companies to expand into foreign markets and deal with listings on stock exchanges in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and other foreign countries. Recently, we were involved in the first initial public offering in 15 years by a Japanese company on NASDAQ.


  • Although M&A offers invaluable advantages, such as special know-how and technologies and customer segments in certain regions, it also comes with certain risks such as verification of synergy effects, post-acquisition integration tasks and other related matters. Our experienced lawyers provide consistent support in a variety of issues companies face, such as selection of a target company, establishment of exclusive negotiating rights, due diligence, preparation of various contract documents and various written opinions to aid internal decision-making, closing, support for post-M&A integration tasks and HR strategies. As many companies have limited M&A experience, law firms play significant roles in M&A transactions and we believe that our unique global footprint enables us to provide practical advice that considers and fits with local practice in each region.

Venture Capital

  • The globalization of economic activities has significantly lowered border barriers even for start-up companies. Today, it is no longer unusual for venture capital companies to provide global services at the initial stage and accept investments from all over the world from the very beginning. Cloud funding is one good example.
    We have a long history on the US West Coast and a good track record of supporting companies from Silicon Valley having grown from start-ups to now well-known large companies. It may be worthy of special mention that we provide start-ups in need of venture capital funding with investment matching services, using good relationships with venture capital firms developed over a long period of history. These are services unique to DLA Piper involved in the growth of Silicon Valley from an early stage. Our specialized lawyers now solve various problems that are unique to venture capital companies in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and other major cities as well as on the West Coast.

Corporate Governance

  • Common issues for global companies are to determine how much autonomy should be granted to their subsidiaries and offices overseas and how the headquarters should control their activities. Recently, the controls under corruption prevention laws including the FCPA have been tightened, and competition authorities in various jurisdictions jointly conducted investigations across the board for alleged violations of antitrust laws. As a result, there have been an increasing need for stronger compliance controls.
    In response to such clients' needs, we provide Fortune top ranking companies with support on a daily basis with respect to the establishment of governance systems and development of global compliance programs appropriate to the realities of each company. In recent times, fines imposed by regulators in the United States and Europe have become expensive and therefore Japanese companies have a growing need for support in this area.

General Corporate

  • We provide advice on various legal issues associated with Japanese companies' expansion into foreign markets by opening their subsidiaries or branches as well as foreign companies' establishment and operation of offices in Japan. In the former case, we also offer strategic advice looking ahead to the next stage of local taxation systems and various regulations, and provide total support for preparation of various contract documents with local business partners, business partnerships and withdrawals from businesses. In the latter case, lawyers with a good command of a foreign language and familiarity with domestic practices routinely handle general issues that foreign companies face in Japan, such as national regulations, international tax practices, reductions in force, election and removal of officers, and preparation of office space lease agreements and other contract documents with business partners, keeping in mind the differences with their home jurisdiction's system so that the head of the client's office in Japan may give an appropriate report to the headquarters.