International disputes over intellectual properties are increasingly intensifying. In particular, there is no end to the number of increasing patent troll litigations in the US markets as well as counterfeits of Japanese products made by Chinese, South Korean and Taiwanese companies.

It is a key issue for Japanese companies to strengthen their capacity to deal with such disputes in order to survive and enjoy continuous growth in the international markets. Our experienced and knowledgeable international lawyers work with Japanese companies on such international intellectual property issues.

Specifically, our lawyers make continuous efforts to effectively proceed with international litigations, negotiations, license agreements and acquisition of rights pertaining to patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. In recent years, we have been actively involved in a program to promote the monetization of intellectual property rights owned by Japanese companies.

There is no question that the quantity and quality of intellectual properties owned by Japanese companies are second on to the US. However, over half of such properties have not yet been commercialized/monetized and thus have not contributed to business operations at present. It will become vitally important for Japanese companies to effectively use those potential properties in their business activities in the future.

We wish to work together with Japanese companies toward the objective of revitalizing Japan's economy by utilizing intellectual properties.