Guide to redundancies and reductions in force in Asia Pacific




The recent tough economic climate has seen high-profile companies around the world forced to take action and reduce their workforce in an effort to remain competitive.

The difficult decision to reduce staff numbers presents a key challenge for today's employers. This challenge is further complicated for multinational employers who need to implement change across several countries, with the legal position differing between jurisdictions.

Mitigating legal risk and claims however is only one part of any redundancy or restructuring program. Downsizing programs can materially impact the organisation's reputation, both internally and externally. Keeping current staff committed, and being able to continue to hire top talent when needed in the future are key considerations in any redundancy decision and careful thought must be given to any communication in relation to the changes. Likewise, the need to balance business risk with the fair and compassionate treatment of staff can pose a significant challenge.

DLA Piper has developed a comprehensive Guide to assist employers to navigate the challenges arising from redundancies and reductions in force across the Asia Pacific region. Covering Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, the Guide provides a useful summary of the key employment law issues in each jurisdiction and offers high-level, practical guidance for employers on how to handle the sensitive, and often complex procedures under the different legal systems.

We hope you find the Guide a useful resource and encourage you to contact us should you wish to discuss any issue in relation to redundancies and reductions in force further.