Global experience in implementing reorganizations that achieve your business objectives while ensuring minimal legal HR risk and preventing disruption to service delivery.

Realizing potential

The success or failure of a corporate reorganization often turns on whether the project has succeeded on the people front. Ignore the human factor and the value of a reorganization can be seriously undermined and its objectives hampered. Full and advance planning of the HR strategy underpinning any reorganization is critical to the success of the project, particularly where multiple jurisdictions are involved.

Key considerations

We guide businesses through the employment, compensation and benefits issues that can arise at any stage of a project, achieving the desired efficiencies on time and on budget while minimizing legal HR risk and avoiding disruption to service delivery.

Reorganization method
The method of reorganization will determine the key employment considerations and risks; local requirements vary and need to be assessed carefully for any quirks.

Information & consultation
Many countries, especially across Europe, require consultation with work councils and other employee representatives regarding a contemplated reorganization.

The processes, timing and criteria of any reductions-in-force can vary markedly across borders, with some countries posing significant challenges and risks.

Social plans and severance payments
Severance costs and any tax consequences should be assessed at an early stage as each jurisdiction can require an individual approach.

Changes to roles and terms of employment
The level of workforce integration will need to be considered early and often requires significant interaction with benefits brokers and governmental authorities.

Protecting talent
A clear retention strategy is vital to ensure that key talent stays in place.

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