Global experience in designing and implementing efficient, cost-effective integration and simplification of complex group structures following major transactions

Maximizing benefits

Whether a transaction is intended to drive cost savings or to maximize operational synergies, proper planning and seamless implementation of the post-merger integration process can have a direct impact on the success or failure of the merger or acquisition which preceded it. Quick and effective integration of the combined group is of paramount importance.

As a firm that closes more M&A transactions each year than anyone else, we know that successful integration is critical to achieving the original objectives and benefits at the root of any merger or acquisition.

Unlocking benefits

By mastering the integration process, companies can achieve efficiencies, retain key employees and capture the shareholder value of the original transaction. Our dedicated project managers support the integration process from the planning to the execution stage and we help identify the most appropriate country-level structures through which to optimize and execute the overall global integration plan.

Global Leaders