Company policy documents must be readily accessible to employees when the need arises. When time is a factor and a decision needs to be made quickly, users should not need to hunt for related documents and forms. Making such documents readily available avoids frustration and unintentional breaches of company policy.

DLA Piper’s Compliance Atlas provides a solution that simplifies and modernizes your compliance program. After DLA Piper generates these policies and documents at your company’s request, the Compliance Atlas version of the documents delivered to your company allows it to aggregate them into a single application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. With this mobile app, field-based employees can easily and immediately access important company documents right on their phones, in real time.

Hyperlinks throughout the Compliance Atlas integrate with other elements of your company’s intranet to direct users to additional resources. In addition, employees may also use the app to link to your hotline and report a compliance violation.

Once delivered, the Compliance Atlas is fully editable and owned by your company. The interface is very similar to industry-standard word processing applications, and users may edit the content without contacting DLA Piper. However, if a client chooses to create an entirely new section or to make substantial edits, firm lawyers are available to assist and provide legal advice related to such changes. Furthermore, everything from the logo to the color scheme is fully editable from a dashboard within the Compliance Atlas app, allowing clients to customize the look, feel and even the name of the application.

To learn more about the Compliance Atlas please contact Katie Hausfeld.