The effects of COVID-19 on access to justice

Claire Donse, head of pro bono international at DLA Piper, has produced a four-part series for PILnet on the effects of COVID-19 on access to justice.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, courts and justice actors are mobilizing to prevent a twin pandemic in which a public health crisis is coupled with an access to justice crisis. As the coronavirus continues to extend its reach, governments around the world are introducing extraordinary measures in the name of public health and safety. Courts, law firms, legal clinics and legal service providers around the world are closing their physical doors and opening for business online. We are seeing an unprecedented acceleration in the adoption of remote or online legal services.

This series shares early perspectives on the use of technology in supporting access to justice from countries that are adapting to the impact of the coronavirus. We also consider the potential impact of this technology on access to justice in the future.

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