Global Financial Markets Insight - Issue 9, Q1 2016

Finance and Markets Global Insight Series

Finance Update


The beginning of 2016 has proved uncomfortable for markets. The fall in oil prices, the downturn of the Chinese markets and the continued uncertainty over Europe continue to drive a negative and uncertain outlook. With interest rates at rock bottom (or even negative) and quantitative easing (QE) achieving less and less it might be hoped that policy makers are finally looking at readdressing and supporting some of the financial structures that have been unfairly damaged by inappropriate regulation.


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  • The man who sold the world
    2 MAR 2016

    The loss of David Bowie at the start of this year prompted much discussion of his musical legacy, but less well-publicised was his contribution to finance.In 1997, rather than renew a long-term record label contract, LA banker David Pullman convinced Bowie to securitise the rights to receivables from his back catalogue into what quickly became known as "Bowie Bonds".

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