We want to take a responsible approach to worldwide problems such as climate change, environmental damage, diversity and poverty. As such, we continuously seek to achieve a good balance between our business, the impact it has on humanity, the environment and society, and our stakeholders' requirements.

Community engagement and pro bono

DLA Piper supports various community initiatives, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We afford all of our employees the opportunity to take part in pro bono projects; providing legal services free of charge or at significantly discounted rates.

We do pro bono work for charities such as Women Win, Dance4Life and Stichting Lezen en Schrijven. We also provide coaching and training and financial support to various institutions, such as Jinc-Amsterdam. The object of this institution is to give Amsterdam youth the opportunity to see what businesses are all about, which results in the right choice of study and better prospects for finding employment. We select our charities carefully. Enter into long-term relationships and focus on the theme 'youth and education'.

Environmental sustainability

We are the first legal services provider to receive an ISO 14001 Certificate, a quality mark that DLA Piper has a good environment management system. In this respect, we have chosen a specific number of environment-saving measures such as:

  • Video-conferencing, in order to make fewer flight hours
  • Double-sided copies and printouts on sustainable FSC paper
  • Energy-saving bulbs and green energy
  • Company cars used for visiting clients are hybrids
  • Fair Trade coffee and tea
  • All of our suppliers must have a CR policy


Diversity is one of the focal points of our CR policy, because we believe in a mixed business culture in which diversity is key. The diversity committee is responsible for propagating and realising our diversity policy. In the Netherlands we have signed the Diversity Text of the Netherlands Bar Association and the 'Talent to the Top' charter. In doing so, we have promised to promote diversity at our firm and have undertaken to make an active effort to, for example, improve the promotion of more women in our organisation. We also support equal treatment.


We support the following organisations: