Janet Meesters has vast experience in the field of procurement law and construction law. She advises both tenderers and contracting entities and both contractors and employers and she has extensive experience in civil court litigation.

In procurement matters, Janet provides strategic advice on the design of tender procedures and the different types of procedures, the tender documentation as well as the application and bid for tenders. In addition, she assists both bidders and contracting authorities in legal proceedings in relation to procurement procedures.

In the field of construction law, Janet advises and represents employers and contractors in complex law disputes in civil court and arbitration proceedings involving different types of contracts (including DB, DBFM and contracts based on the international FIDIC standards). She is also experienced in negotiating contracts in the field of construction, project development, and public-private partnerships (PPP/PPS). She understands technical language and is praised for her ability to translate complex technical issues into comprehensible legal advice or court documents.

Furthermore, Janet advises in matters relating to scarce (public) rights.

She advises a wide range of clients including Dutch and international companies in the field of construction, infrastructure, transport, (renewable) energy, waste management, technology, education and insurance and several (semi-)governmental bodies and universities.