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26 February 20192 minute read

DLA Piper announces launch of Blockchain and Digital Assets practice

DLA Piper announced today the launch of its Blockchain and Digital Assets practice, which will offer strategic advice on a global basis to address the needs of companies implementing blockchain technology solutions and creating and deploying digital assets. The practice will be led by partners Mark Radcliffe (Silicon Valley), Margo Tank (Washington, DC) and Michael Hamilton (Los Angeles) in the US, and partners Martin Bartlam (London) and Scott Thiel (Hong Kong) internationally.

The lawyers in the practice will counsel clients on the opportunities and challenges of implementing blockchain and digital solutions and how to attain their strategic goals while doing so. With a global network of lawyers in more than 40 countries, the firm assists companies at every stage of their life cycles, from early-stage startups raising funds to build new blockchain technologies to Fortune 100 companies implementing blockchain-based solutions.

"The business advantages of blockchain are broad, from increased security and efficiency to cost reduction, but as the ecosystem evolves, global implementation of blockchain solutions will pose challenges," said Mark Radcliffe. "Regulation of the technology varies from country to country, and the resulting inconsistency across different jurisdictions can be a substantial obstacle to overcome."

"DLA Piper's global platform of lawyers are ideally positioned to provide knowledgeable guidance and help clients tackle these challenges in order to move their business objectives forward," said Margo Tank. "We can advise companies eager to develop the new services and business model changes blockchain affords, as well as develop digital assets, which can include digital representations of existing assets, such as stock or real estate, and new forms of digital property."

"Blockchain technology platforms have matured to the point where enterprises can confidently build radically different business applications and asset commercialization models," said Scott Thiel. "DLA Piper's global platform of technically sophisticated and results-orientated lawyers are ideally positioned to support the successful implementation of the opportunities afforded by this new technology."

In addition to its broad geographic reach, DLA Piper offers a wide range of relevant practices and experience, including in securities, IP protection and licensing, commodities future trading regulations, privacy and money transmitter rules. The firm is at the forefront of providing legal counsel and business support to companies incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations.